How to pick a summer Bridesmaid Dress

           Why a summer wedding?

Delicious treats, fun games, and beautiful flower filled backdrops. These are the things that come to mind when I think of a summer wedding. Summer weddings can be a lot of fun and give the greatest pictures possible. The summer sun going down in an array of colors is the perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect bridesmaid dress for all of your girls. You want them to match your wedding and be comfortable. You also want the style to match what’s in your wallet! There is no need to break the bank with the bridesmaid dress you choose. Don’t let your bridesmaids end up as puddles on the hot ground! Instead, continue reading to find the best bridesmaid dress for summer and why it's perfect. Let’s get into it!

              The Dress

When looking for a bridesmaid dress, there are many things you keep in mind.

what material the dress is made with? What is the length of the dress? The colors of the bridesmaid dress? The style and shape of the dress? 

Lucky, Simply Fab Dress has a great selection a gorgeous bridesmaids dress for your summer wedding.

              Bridesmaid Dress Material          

Wearing the wrong material during a summer wedding could put your bridesmaids in wedding purgatory. Make sure to have a breathable fabric that will not show sweat stains. You will also want a fabric that moves great as well. That way your bridesmaids can dance and not feel like a sardine in a can with a skin tight dress. That is a great reason to stick with the dress above, it is made with chiffon. Here is a detailed look at this lightweight fabric.


Chiffon is one of the most lightweight fabrics out there. A close up of this fabric is shown below. You can see just how sheer it actually is. That makes it breathable and easy to wear. No matter if you a getting married in a destination setting or a country barn this fabric is the best choice. It is very flowy and will not stick to your bridesmaid's bodies. They will thank you for that and will actually love their dress! Chiffon is great for a beach or outside wedding since you will see the dress flowing in the wind. That’s why the dress I picked is best. You cannot get any better than chiffon for a hot summer wedding.

                    The Length of the dress

This dress is a knee length dress with a sleeveless v cut neckline. It also features an empire waist with an understated rhinestone belt below the bust. It is a perfect dress for a beach or outdoor wedding. You're probably thinking “yeah it's pretty…but what's the cost?” No worries there! This dress is on sale for only $99.99!! I would hurry and get as many as you can for that price. If you need more convincing, then keep reading. Let us break down why this is the perfect bridesmaid dress for a summer wedding!

Just like having the right fabric is important, so is the right hemline. You do not want it to be too short that it becomes trashy. And you also do not want it to be really long as to not kill your bridesmaids with the heat.  Even if it is a lightweight fabric, if it is all over the place it will suffocate your bridesmaids in the summer heat. So many brides force their bridesmaids into floor length gowns. Then they have to stand in the sweltering heat for ages! Your girls will be thrilled you gave them a dress that is only knee length! Here is a close-up of the bottom of our dress. You can see the multiple layers of chiffon delicately hitting the knees. This length is perfect for a summer wedding because it gives a fun and flirty vibe. Although it isn’t too short making it still elegant and sophisticated. That is hard to beat!




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