How to safely buy a wedding dress online

How to safely buy a wedding dress online

In the past, wedding dress shopping  was restricted to physical bridal store with all the bells and whistle and the price tag to match. Now a day’s modern brides are moving away from that tradition and taking advantage of big savings by shopping online.


But while buying a wedding dress online maybe cheaper, there are many scam sites out there selling designer knock offs that look nothing like the dress in the picture. Over the years, a vast number of Chinese knock off sites have polluted the web and crush the dreams of many brides. The idea that you can only find a cheap wedding dress by buying with a Chinese website is simply not true. The truth is there are many legitimate, authorized cheap wedding dress retailers online right here in the USA, you just have to know how to spot them.

So how do you make sure you don't get scam by Chinese wedding dress website?

Here is how you to spot a Chinese wedding dress website.

  • They promise custom made designer wedding dresses  
  • No telephone contact number, you can only reach them via email.
  • They use Random pictures of other people wearing the dress rather than models.The website rarely have product catalog pictures  
  • They offer NO return policy

Top 5 ways to safely buy your wedding dress online. Follow these steps below to ensure you're purchasing with legitimate retailer;

1. Pay with PayPal 

The number one way to safely shop online is through PayPal checkouts. If you don't perform any of the steps below, once you're using PayPal the risk is greatly minimize. PayPal offers seller protection, in the event you don't receive your  item or its not as described PayPal will reimburse your money.

2. Ensure they have a return policy

This is a no brainier, when purchasing anything online or otherwise there needs to be a return policy. That does not mean your intent is to return the product but it  does help if something goes wrong with your order.

3. Read the reviews from verified buyers

A great way to confirm a company's legitimacy is through the Reviews on their site. Verified buyers review offer a window in to what it is to expect from said company.

4. Locate their contact information and ensure they a telephone number provided.

Buying a Wedding dress  is an important purchase, you need to ensure the company you've chosen to purchase is accessible.


5. Read through their about page.

In a company's About page you will find important information such their registered office address. Companies with addresses in the UK and united states are more likely authorize retailers and are held to strict production quality standards.




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