The ultimate guide to buying an inexpensive wedding dress online

the ultimate guide to buying an inexpensive wedding dress online

The ultimate guide to buying an inexpensive wedding dress online

written by: Adele Sweeney
A freelance blogger 

Table of content ;

1. Know where to buy an inexpensive wedding dress online

2. Know what wedding dress flatters your shape

3. Get the meausrements right

4. Be mindful of the wedding theme

5. Order your wedding dress early

You’ve probably dreamed of that perfect wedding dress since you were a little girl and pictured everything being flawless, especially the centerpiece of the whole event (the Bride and her Dress). In your mind, you have envisioned the wedding gown, The look , feel and everything in between. However, dreams often give way to realty as you go deeper into planning the wedding. You will find the whole endeavor can get quite expensive. According to the theknot, the average cost of a wedding ca run up to thirty thousand dollars ($30,000). Many smart budget savvy brides have now to finding that dream wedding dress online. But buying an inexpensive wedding dress online can be a scary proposition. I am here to help you find a beautiful inexpensive wedding dress online and save you big bucks. If you are worried about buying the dress before trying it out, you have nothing to be concerned about. We put together the ultimate guide to Buying an inexpensive wedding dress online. We’ll help you pick out the perfect style wedding dress for your shape, accurately measure for the dress and pick the right gown for your wedding theme; all this without leaving the comfort of your home. Read, follow these tips and find your dream wedding dress.

Wedding dress types-simply fab dress

1. where to buy an inexpensive wedding dress online

You're up, late night browsing through those wedding dress websites. The wedding dresses look sooo good; but you're sacred. if the site is a fake, what if the dress arrives looking nothing like the picture on the site, what if i never receive the dress and I loose my money. This scenario is enough to stop anyone in their track when considering buying an inexpensive wedding dress online.

When deciding which wedding dress website to purchase from, there are a few things you should consider.

A.  Buy online only using PayPal. PayPal allows you to get your money back if you make a purchase and did not receive what was promise or if you never receive your merchandise. 

B. Buy from websites based in the U.S.A To ensure the website is a legitimate company buy from business with address in the U.S.A . You can find their business address in their homepage and or their contact page.

C. when reading the reviews make sure its from verified customers. It's better to have five reviews from verified customers than to have a hundred unverified reviews.

D. Do Not buy unless they have a return policy. A wedding dress is too big of an investment not to be able to secure your money back.

2. What type of wedding dress goes best for my body type?

wedding dress body type
About ten years ago, I was a bride Myself. The first I did when I got engage was purchase a stack of bridal magazine. I went to my first bridal fitting with the picture of the dress I wanted, tried it on and it was a total disaster. Needless to say I left that fitting heartbroken with no dress.

Why was that dress such an epic fail, That is because I needed to pick a gown that best fits my body type and not just any will do. Every woman is beautiful in her own way, but we all have different figures. Every body is different, some are petite, some are curvy, some are tall. Once you know your shape and body type, it will be that much easier to say yes to the dress.

Here's where you start: measure your shoulders, bust, waist and hips and write down the numbers. Using those measurements, check below to find out what your body type you fall under.

what wedding dress is best for your body type- simply fab dress

A. Inverted triangle: your shoulders or bust are wider than your hips. A ball gown will blend perfectly with your shape as it accentuates your waistline and hides you lack of hips and bum. An empire dress will also hide your hips and accentuate your upper side, which is what you want to show off. Don’t try to conceal your shoulders, instead show them off for a full effect. See an example below;

B. Rectangle: This body type is characterized by having  a thin, slender body frame throughout. shoulders, waist and hips are of very similar in size. The trick is to add definition and the illusion of curves to your silhouette, so pick out a dress that adds volume to your hips and back side. like princess ball gown or A-line wedding dresses accented with a belt that would be perfect for this shape. You can also choose a mermaid wedding dress that has lots of volume at the base such as a dramatic ruffle or tulle skirt finish it off with a small belt to add dimension to waist. See an example below;

cap sleeve a-line wedding dresscap sleeve a-line wedding dress with belt- simply fab dress

C. Pear - (also known as a triangle):This gorgeous shape tend to have fuller hips and thighs with a smaller top. your shoulders and bust are smaller than you hips.To flatter a pear shape, look for embellished and corset style tops wedding dresses that helps draw attention to your upper body. Accentuate your chest and hide your hips in a strapless princess ball gown dress It will conceal your your lower body perfectly. Stay away from V-necks, you don’t want to draw too much attention to your bust. See an example below; 

 strapless a-line ball gown wedding dress- simply fab dress

D. Hourglass: Your waistline is defined with shoulders and hips of similar size. Show off you beautiful curves with a dress that defines them perfectly: the mermaid or the trumpet wedding dress is a top pick for this shape. Both dresses are a sexy choice that will accentuate your feminine side and turn you into a fairy for a night. With this figure it is best to leave your arms and shoulders open, so keep away from long sleeves or sheaths dresses. Corset dresses are also a great fit for this figure as it draws attention to your waist and bust. Strapless and one-shoulder gowns also look amazing. See an example below;

inexpensive mermaid wedding dress- simply fab dress

Apple- your waistline, bust and hips are similar size with the bulk of weight your weight carried at the hips and thighs.Go for an a-line wedding dress. Choose dresses with sheer illusion necklines or cap sleeves.

Not all women fit perfectly into these body types. Here are some extra advice for your unique ladies out there:

Petite women we recommend a column dress that gives the appearance of a taller figure, while

Voluptuous brides can opt for an A-line skirt wedding dress, that will pop those shapes and give them an hourglass figure.

Big chested ladies can go for a V-neckline and corset back for support, a Halter dresses and gowns with straps are perfect for this body type. Another great trick is to choose a short or tea length dress which will draw attention to your gorgeous long legs and make your figure appear more proportional.  

3. How to get the size right?

Now that you know which style better suits you, off to the next step: how to get the size just right. Might sound like a challenge, but it really is pretty simple when shopping at Simply Fab Dress. Each one of our designs has its very own size chart, so it's quite east to figure out your very own by your measurements. You already know your bust, waist and hips from before, add you height to the mix and check the table to see where you fit. To make sure you have the correct numbers written down, we recommend you have a professional take your measurements. Someone who does this every day will leave no room for error (thus, no room for you to worry). If you don't have the time, get a friend help you and follow our advice:Bust: measure the fullest part of your chest.Torso: take down the size of your natural waist, which means the thinnest part of torso.Hips: measure the fullest part at the top of your leg.

Write everything down and be precise. Don't add or drop any inches, even if you have planned to lose wait before the big day. This way, you should have no problem finding your actual size and the dress that will fit you picture-perfect.

4. Be mindful of your wedding theme

Does your wedding have theme? Here’s how to pick the dress!Thinking about adding a theme to your wedding? Now that you can find an inexpensive wedding dress online, you can spare the budget. Whatever you choose to do, make sure your dress matches the background (you can’t take a ballgown to the beach). Check out the most popular wedding themes from the past year and what style goes best for each one of them.

Vintage- If the name is any indication, a vintage wedding calls for a retro chic dress. If you’re mother’s or grandmother’s dress is unavailable, then go for a tea-length dress, in 1920s or 1950s style.

Boho-chic is all about the effortless dress, lace and flowers. It’s usually a more sophisticated maxi dress, the column style being a popular choice. Beach Similar to the boho-chic, the beach also calls for a casual attire. Choose a light fabric, that breathes easily and a billowing skirt, that will keep you cool during a day wedding. Going barefoot is also a popular custom.

Rustic-The rustic dress has a dramatic tone to it, with plenty of tulle, accessorized with feathers, organza flowers or crystals. If you’re feeling cheeky add a pair of cowboy boots to match.

Romantic- romance screams for the princess dress or, at least, something really formal. The mermaid or A-line work as well as long as elegance is predominant.

5. Order your wedding dress early

Give yourself enough time to make any adjustment to your wedding dress. No matter whether your wedding dress was ordered online or from a brick and mortar bridal shop, alterations is a factor.

See how easy it can be to pick out your inexpensive wedding dress online? After you know your size and shape, all you have to do is pick the design you love. All of this from the comfort of your own home!

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