Top 5 Best Prom Dresses 2018

A big part of prom is choosing the perfect dress, luckily prom dresses 2018 consist of the perfect glitz and glam giving you lots to choose from. Making the choice itself that much more difficult.  Here to help you wade through the sea of options by categorizing them into the best prom dresses of 2018. Simply Fab Dress is here to help you find that perfect prom dress style for a night to remember.

1. Mermaid prom dresses

mermaid prom dresses

Popular from other years and given a fresh breath of stylish air, mermaid prom dresses are here to help steal the show.  Whether go with a classic tulle gown that flourishes out in a lavishing mermaid flair, or you go with something a little more unique such as lace touches and a more refined mermaid skirt, this style is a great option for modern comfort.  You'll be able to get all of the hottest colors and blends of fabrics in this form-fitting dress, so you won't be finding your lacking in anything in choosing this style.  A great option for those that want a style that accentuates curves from top to (almost) bottom.

2 piece prom dresses

2 piece prom dresses

One of the best prom trends to match this year is going to be 2 pieces dresses.  These dresses are taking prom fashion world by storm and can be found in a variety of styles in terms of lengths, skirts, and fits.  You're able to look at 2 piece long prom dress, 2 piece short prom dresses or  traditional A-line dress.Even shorter skirt lengths that give a modern twist to the whole world of prom dresses.

A lot of these particular styles are off the shoulders to add some glamorous yet elegant flair without having to no strapless.  This makes it easy to really enjoy the current flirty style in however for you want to play it out.  You can even play it up by imitating classic prom styles such as modern takes on flapper and other popular styles throughout history.  It seems as though this will be the year where everything will shake itself up and combine previously unheard of combinations together.  And all in time for prom!

Sequins & sparkly prom dresses

sequins and sparkly prom dresses

A  red carpet ready classic for all of the right reasons is sequins dresses. These sequins prom dresses are back on the “hot” list again this year.  You can find these sexy prom dresses with a little bit of shine and sparkle, or a lot of shine and sparkle so you'll be able to create the perfect style for you to bring to the house down.  You can choose a fitted dress that can streamline your waistlines, or you can choose to focus more on the bust with a v-cut bodice.

There is so much glitz & glam in these sparkly and sequins dresses that you really can't go wrong. The realistic thing about glimmer is that it's always in style, it can be matched with minimal accessories, skirt or colour and it'll look radiant.  A little bit of sparkle is going to go a long way and this prom's styles will be no exception.

Floral print prom dresses

floral print prom dresses

An exciting addition to the “it” list of  styles this year is the floral print prom dresses.  These floral patterns are flashy with fresh colors and sharp lines that can really add some unique flair to a dress.  These are popular especially in the 2 piece dresses as well as mermaid dresses.

Some are trimmed with sparkles and sequins, and other allow the floral prom dress to speak for itself within layers or tulle or lying stark on silk an satin.  These are sure to be all over the prom scene this year, and each one is entirely unique and fresh so that each wearer can show off her personal style and charisma through her dress.

Jeweled tone Dresses - Emerald & Ruby red prom dresses

emerald and red prom dresses

Last but not least, one of the absolute hottest trends this year is in jeweled tone prom dresses. Particularly,  emerald dresses and ruby red prom dresses.  Both with rich, deep tones of red and emerald make for a trendy look.   From a curve hugging 2 piece dress, to a traditional sequined A line gown, both of these tones are going to be popular and will certainly made statements on those who choose them, no matter what the style or the length turns out to be.


Prom dresses are critical to get right, as these are the photos that you'll look back on in years to come and remember fondly.  While styles are bound to change every year and leave you to wonder why they were in popular in the first place, a great prom dress that features one or more of these styles and characteristics is well worth the time.  You'll look like a princess and when you pick the right style for you and your fashion interests, you'll be able to see that you know how to look your best no matter what the current style is, and how you wore it.  

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  You'll feel great, look even better, and be ready for the adventures to come.

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